Our Story

Why do we make bags?

We love researching how people travel because we love to travel ourselves, and as parents we take our kids outdoors every weekend, a short excursion every month, and a long trip every six months. Whether you're traveling or commuting between the gym and the office, whether you're a dad, mom, or a teen exploring the world, you'll need different bags to keep everything organized.

Why can we make bags?

Our founder has worked in a Dongguan high-end luggage factory for 6 years, mainly responsible for the implementation of customized projects for OEM/ODM customers, including product design, sample production, material matching, etc. He has served a variety of brands including daily use bags and also professional equipment bags, such as musical instrument bags, DJ equipment bags. In the fall of 2021, he determined to use years of experience and resources to create a bag brand designed for modern people and better travel - AGLAUS.

How to make a good bag?

A good bag is more than just a good-looking appearance. Every stitch, every thread, every piece of fabric, every layer of filling material, the size and position of every pocket, and every choice of accessories are important. When you get any AGLAUS product, you will find that every detail of them is thoughtful, which will make your every journey seamless.

How do we price?

We all know that without considering the brand effect, the tangible value of commodities with the same function and quality is similar. AGLAUS is determined to use top-brand materials, workmanship and detailed design with non-brand-added-value pricing decisions to provide users with more cost-effective products.

What do we believe?

We value our relationships with everyone, including our employees, factories, distributors and end customers. We believe that every person and factor associated with our products is the key to making our products better.